Banquet-Event Guidelines and Policies

From formal to casual, you’ll feel right at home at Mike Anderson’s Seafood. Mike Anderson’s specializes in providing a warm inviting atmosphere, delicious food, and friendly service for banquet-events. Our dining and meeting rooms are a comfortable setting accommodating up to 500 guests. As always, we are here to make your event truly memorable. Questions and specific requests are welcome. Listed below are Mike Anderson’s Banquet-Event Guidelines and Policies.
A five-day guarantee is required on all meal functions. A fourteen- day guarantee is required for all wedding receptions. No changes to the guarantee are allowed within the forty-eight hour window prior to the event with out the written consent of the Event Coordinator. The function sponsor will be responsible for payment based on the final guarantee. The hotel will only set up and prepare for the final guarantee number.
Banquet-Event Rooms:
Event rooms are assigned based on the anticipated guaranteed number of guests. The restaurant reserves the right to reassign your meeting/function room based on the same.
Staples, nails, and any other destructive material may not be used to affix banners, promotional materials, and visual aids to the wall. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in the charge of any cost associated with the repair and/or replacement of damages suffered.
Mike Anderson’s does not allow outside food or beverages to be brought in by guests, nor does restaurant allow guests to contract with an outside caterer for events held on the restaurant premises. Any food or beverage consumed must be purchased through the restaurant’s catering department. To be assured the availability of your selections, all menus must be confirmed two weeks prior to the event.
Alcoholic Beverages:
Mike Anderson’ s Seafood as a licensee is responsible for the administration of the sale and service for alcoholic beverages in accordance with the Louisiana Alcoholic Beverages Commission’s regulations. It is the restaurant’s policy that all liquor, wine, and beer must be supplied by the Mike Anderson’s. No one under twenty-one years of age is allowed to participate in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. We are obligated to enforce this policy under the Louisiana Liquor Liability Laws.
Bar Set-up:
All bars will be subject to a setup fee of $75.00. Any liquor required in excess to that required on the original banquet event order will be made available, subject to restaurant stock, with the written approval of the event sponsor. The event sponsor is responsible for the payment of any bottle or keg whose seal has been broken. An 18 % service charge will be added to final open bar bill.
A minimum of 35 guests are required for buffet a lunch or dinner.
Wedding Receptions:
Our ballroom can accommodate up to 160 seated with dance floor and up to 500 standing receptions.
Room Charges:
Room rental charge may apply, if food & beverage minimums amount are not met.
Setup, Deliveries, and Vendors:
Unless previously authorized by the event coordinator, access to your event banquet/reception area is restricted until two hours prior to your event start time. Should additional time be necessary labor charges are available upon request.
Audio Visual:
Please inform your event coordinator within 14 days of your event if selecting to use any type of audio visual setup .Mike Anderson’s will be happy to coordinate this for you and can help with audio visual rental from either In-House equipment or through a dependable local company.
Mike Anderson’s Seafood will obtain additional security when necessary. At such time the restaurant will assign an appropriate number of security personnel and arrange for payment. It is the function sponsors responsibility to advise the hotel when additional security is necessary.
Payment and Deposits:
At the discretion of the restaurant, any event is subject to non-refundable deposits. The restaurant will determine the amount of such deposit. A credit card number or cash deposit is necessary to secure your event. Full payment for wedding receptions will be due two (2) weeks prior to event. Payment in full is required on the day of all other events. No separate checks permitted. The function sponsor agrees that by signing the guest check for services/food/beverages, he/she acknowledges as fact that there are no lingering disputes over services rendered, and that he/she is solely responsible for payment of the total amount due. It is the function sponsor’s responsibility to make themselves available for signing. It is the responsibility of the function sponsor booking the event to collect all money due.
Sales Tax:
Applicable taxes will be added to your total food and beverage check. If your group is tax exempt in Louisiana, please forward a copy of your tax exemption certificates to our catering office prior to your function for approval.
Service Charge:
All food and beverage pricing is subject to eighteen percent service charge. This will be distributed to restaurant employees at the discretion of the restaurant management.